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  • “Thermador" Fridge Estimate Repair - Refrigerator Evaporator coil replacement BUILT IN REFRIGERATOR in San Jose, CA.

Service is provided by qualified EPA certified specialists.
Labor includes:
• Old Evaporator coil, drain pan coil heater unmount and recycling according EPA standards
• Replacing freon filter drier
• New evaporator coil, new drain pan coil heater  installation
• Nitrogen test performing to to exclude the possibility of refrigerant leaks
• Vacuuming sealed system to 500 micron vacuum deep.
• Charging sealed system with new refrigerant
• System test
NOT Included: Compressor, filter drier, any additional parts used during repair.
In case if during repair specialists discover clogged capillary pipe, additional payment, for the capillary pipe replacement, will be $225 (capillary pipe includes)
Warranty for repair is 1 year.

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  • “Smith” water heater repair in Campbell. 
Water heater doesn’t heat water enough. 
Low temperature probe replacement. 
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  • Refrigerator repair in San Jose, CA.
The GE refrigerator does not cool. Search for freon leakage, replacement of the evaporator.

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About Us

We do professional Appliance and HVAC Repair

Fuse Appliance Repair is a company dedicated to improving and restoring efficient use of residential, industrial, and commercial appliances. Appliances are more important than ever, and when one breaks down it can disrupt a business process, a home routine, or snatch away your peace of mind.
Fuse Appliance Repair comprises a team of experts who are skilled, knowledgeable, and qualified in handling all kinds of appliance repair. Our expertise is vast to enable us to serve you better.

We provide customized appliance repair services depending on if you have a commercial appliance or a residential appliance. Homes, companies, and businesses depend on our company to keep their appliances running smoothly.
Our company has serviced several areas for over 8 years. We have become recognized as a reputable and dependable appliance repair service. We serve over 20 locations and are proud of the achievements we have made so far. Fuse Appliance Repair Company is an appliance repair near you that promises consistency, transparency, and satisfaction.

Why Choose Fuse Appliance Repair

Appliances can break down at any time without prior warning. This means you need a trusted company with the flexibility to respond to you also at any time. We provide same-day service every day of the week. You can schedule appointments for repairs or maintenance. Whichever way best guarantees your comfort and the quality of our service is what we offer our clients.

Trained, Certified Professionals at Your Fingertips
All our technicians are trained, certified professionals with vast expertise to serve your needs. They can quickly diagnose issues and inform you of possible solutions. Our technicians provide repair services, maintenance, and replacements for a wide range of appliance brands. We work to get it right the first time and avoid wasting time and cost. An appliance doctor from Fuse is focused on your great customer experience.

Fuse Appliance Repair Company offers a 6-month warranty on our appliance part replacements service. We stand by our work and assure you of our full labor and attention following any setbacks with our work.

At Fuse Appliance Repair, we care about your pocket and build our price to be hassle-free and convenient for you. We start by offering FREE service calls with no extra charges for our trip (if you will repair with us).
Our trained and courteous customer service staff are always on standby to take your calls and get you started on your service.

Our customers love us for our quality service and core values. Pay only if you satisfied. We focus on integrity, respect, honesty, and timeliness. We are transparent with upfront pricing, your repair or replacement options, and overall service.
At Fuse Appliance Repair, we respect our customers and professionals. We come uniformed into your home and offer a clean, professional work. We leave nothing undone.

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